Sunday, April 24

some beauties

Lately I have been falling in love with the romanticism era. It all started by watching Pride and Prejudice a good 5 times in a row and now I can't get my hands on enough of the romantics of old. The culture was so different and the women had to take any man that would even show an interest in her in hopes that she could actually be something of greater importance to society. So when there came a man that she actually loved it was like an explosion of beautiful dreams and affections. It was all about reading, studying, and practicing the art of the piano and instruments. They wrote letters back and forth to each other for communication. Language and speech was an art form for them. Yes the society was a hard one to live in, but it was so beautiful. Quotes from the movie go through my mind daily. "you have bewitched me body and soul"

I have been very fond of illustrations from unique artists. I have bee
n finding some neat drawings from some beautiful people and I just have to share them! I wish in my heart that I could draw like this. I think it's so sweet and I would draw all of the time if I was able. Here are some blogs and shops I have found that I love the style of :
Kerri Ann Hulme (picture of Mr. Darcy to the right)
Tabitha Emma (she is the one who designed my blog!)

Tabitha did such a great job putting together exactly what I desired. Her rates are great and you can't find another illustrator with such an enchanting and unique style. Take a peak at her portfolio it's divine!

Check out Kris Atomic's Blog she has so many amazing entries not just of illustrations, but fashion, fo-
od, decor and inspirations! My favorite recent find :) I think soon I am going to try to draw up a piece of my own just for inspiration. Maybe a girl, or some kind of cu
te little animal in a thicket. Wish me luck!

< Kris Atomic illustration

Last weekend I found an article of an estate sale that was happening with some vintage clothing. I had never been to an estate sale yet, but I did know that it was either hit or miss with any type of article like this. So mother and I got ready saturday morning and ventured out to see what we could find when low and behold the house was literally a treasure straight out of the 60s! Room to room there were walls of decorations, furniture, nick knacks, all priced to sell. I couldn't get enough! Eventually when I got to the fourth room I couldn't believe what I saw, but none other than racks upon racks of vintage clothing straight out of the 50s - 60s. It was such a neat day. I got to talk with the three sisters that were doing inventory of the house and apparently all the clothes were from their mother who recently passed away and their father who just turned 100 was moving away to a smaller home! It was a bitter sweet experience, part sadness, part appreciation. I am glad that I came across them all for they were oh so nice to be acquainted with. I am going to post up some of the pieces I purchased from them. I have a 1930's honey moon gown all cream light cotton with lace and buttons at the collar it's beautiful. I am excited to put them all up in the shop! So stay tuned...

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  1. Hi Katherine :) thank you so much for featuring me in your beautiful blog, I'm deeply flattered!

    I agree with the language of the romanticism era being so wonderfully rich and poetic. I love the architecture and the clothing - I mean less than practical but so romantic and elegant.