Monday, June 27


Here are some pieces I am fond of from some of my favorite vintage shops!

Saturday, June 25

a new season

It's a new season! Not only for the weather, but in my journey and others I feel. It was about a month ago that I tried to pull myself together and write of the things that had been happening. I wanted to share my heart here and also things with Chic Origins. I got about 3 sentences in and deleted it all. I have been walking in a cloud I feel for the past three months, but things are starting to clear up and my mind can actually articulate thoughts!
For a while even in my small group, Epic, there was a lot going on where people were just lacking hope and heart for things. I have realized that we all are bound to go through seasons like these. And they are GOOD for us. Balance in life is hard. Of course we should not let ourselves sit and sulk, but there are times that come in life that it seems the hardest thing for us to pull our heads up through even the normalcy's of life. I know this has been the past few months for me, but I have learned so much through the struggle and I am glad.

Don't you feel like the seasons in weather almost resemble where you are at in person at times? Or even spiritually I see that they can relate to where God is taking me or the church. We have had a very rainy spring. All I can say is that I don't love rain, and I know few people that do. Every where I turn the weather is what people all have in common, it's what we always resort back to, especially when it is gloomy. It is like we all have something to share in, whether it's something to look forward to or not. A lady at my church said something to the extent of this recently, "why will we complain about rain when in the bible rain resembles God's presence flooding hearts?" I do think of this often when it rains. Haven't you seen those movies where at the climax they choose a rainy scene to portray the emotion of passion to the core? It is something so intimate if you think about it. Just like the season I feel I, and the church, is about to walk into. We have fought all spring to pick our heads up and I believe it is time that the Lord wants to renew our strength and put a new heart in us.

The key thing I have learned from this past gloom is that this world is so stale. There is nothing that lasts forever, nothing that will not die, nothing that does not loose it's excitement, nothing that will keep giving us satisfaction. I posted a lot of verses from Ecclesiastes in my first blog post and here is a perfect time to reiterate them. I feel before God wants me to walk into the season of rain and passion again I needed to see what it was like without him. Of course He is always here with us, but EVERYONE has times where they cannot see, hear or feel him. In these moments where I feel these things I know it is heightened because there is so much more that I have had a glimpse of, and in comparison to the life without God that I see at times it is so empty when you know the life with God. Once you get a taste of the intimate heart of the Father, nothing is the same. The things of the world seem so mundane. And I am so ready for more. I have heard so many times, even from my friends who do not believe in necessarily one religion and God, that they have always felt that there was something more to them they could not explain. I believe it's the heart of God nudging them.

So to conclude this blog post, I wanted to share something that was inspiring and moving. I have lately been falling in love with creams, golds and whites. It is so soothing and pure and restful which is what I have needed. I am inspired by many things, home decor being one of them. I was thumbing through some random pictures of rooms with beautiful settings and started dreaming of having my own place one day again. The time will come just like my new season is coming. When I do have my own place expect it to look a little like this - on a lower scale, unless miraculously one day Chic Origins makes me a millionaire...