Wednesday, May 30

Brimfield Antique Shows

My mom and I had been dreaming of taking a trip to the Brimfield Antique shows in Mass. for a few years, and this year we finally made it due to our schedules! I promised all of you that I would make sure I posted about out weekend, so here it is!

It was similar to what we both expected. Mom and I both have Etsy shops and we had a feeling we wouldn't be finding much of anything to put in our shops assuming that the prices were already raised. That didn't stop us from browsing and buying a couple neat things for ourselves throughout the day! There were hundreds of vendors and we only made it to less than half of them.

My favorite vendor, seen in the picture above, was Swift & Faire Co. They sell vintage clothing and accessories in the Boston area. I happened to purchase a couple of pieces from them because I just couldn't walk away ;) visit Swift & Faire Co.'s facebook page! 

On the way back from the shows I marked out a route of all the saturday tag sales and thrift stores to take advantage of. We hit the jackpot at this one specific stop. It was an old antique business that was moving and downsizing. I had been looking for a rustic, tribal looking rug ($60) for quite some time and gave up until I found the perfect sized one at this place, AND it was antique! The owner said it was from the 1940's. Music to my ears :) I also found some really neat bags (.50, $5, $20, $35) antique bottles ($1 ea.), a couple old framed illustrated magazine-like pages ($2 ea.), and a really awesome glass display box ($10) that I now have all my jewelry placed in on my dresser. 

Here was our trunk when we pulled into the driveway. Successful weekend adventure!

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  1. lovely photos! xx