Friday, May 4

here we go!

hello all, it has been quite some time now, but here I am again for the good! A lot has happened since I last posted. I was very busy working full time and left my creative heart to the waist side for a bit. I started a job as a personal banker and after a year of working full time I then decided that I would give into my hearts pull to invest more time into my creative adventures again. I will start with an update on where my focus has been the past several months. 

Most of my energy goes into my shop on Etsy, Chic Origins. And my photography, KAngell Photography. I have 4 weddings coming up that I will be shooting at! It has been a big step for my work and I am honored to be the photographer for each wedding. It has been a journey finding my style and niche of work and capturing it with my photos. 


It's also been a blast putting more time into my shop. I have been really trying to master the photos of my vintage pieces for the most part. My photos have always been the one thing that bothered me severely. I also have been purging my inventory and gearing up for a more concentrated line of handbags, dresses and shoes mostly. 

I will be going to the Brimfield antique shows with my mother next weekend. We have always wanted to attend them and this is the first year that we are able to see all of the beautiful vendors! I will be posting a blog of our weekend adventures soon after so keep your eyes peeled. 

This is all for now, hope everyone is having a splendid Spring and looking forward to Summer coming so soon! See you all back soon...

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