Tuesday, May 8

the pinterest revolution

As most of us all know, once you pin you cannot stop. Whether you have an account with Pinterest or not I am sure you have heard about the hype the website has taken on. 13 million users have been added in just a short 10 months. They have been driving more traffic to websites than many of the very common sites out there like Youtube, LinkedIn and
Google +. No wonder why there is a waiting list! My question is, "Is Pinterest just another social media trend, or will it stick?"

Clearly Pinterest is geared more towards the trendy women users out there at the moment, which makes it perfect for my marketing target range. So I figured I would try to invest a little bit more time in this area to see if I would really benefit. I purchased the Power of Pinning for businesses by Melanie Duncan. I am wondering if it will be a fluke or not, but I figured I would take a chance.

I love statistics so check this other blog out if you are interested in learning more about the Pinterest revolution - it is very interesting.    iQuariusMedia    I cannot deny the addiction that has formed to my Pinterest boards. I have posted some of my favorite pins thus far below...

So what about you guys, do you think Pinterest will become just another trend or last as Facebook has? 
What are your favorite things about Pinterest?

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  1. I love that teapot! great design, xx

  2. What pretty pins! I agree with the lovely lady above and the teapot is AMAZING!! What great points you bring up in your post as well! I wonder how long it will remain popular for!


  3. You have a lovely blog! :) Your header is beautiful!

    I loved Pinterest when I signed up, though I have been getting a little bored of it lately. Perhaps I need to give it another chance.



  4. amazing blog!follow you!if you want check out my blog!

  5. Thanks Sarah, I agree Pinterest can get very repetitive, so I try to pace myself to keep up the momentum. I love all your blogs above, I just visited them and joined. Thanks :)

    xx Katherine

  6. What a great blog, and beautiful images. I want that girls gorgeous hair and that cool teapot.

    Love your outfit too jeans are amazing blue.

    If you get a chance to check out my blog

    nicki fannings blogspot

    you've got a new follower.

    have a great week

  7. So, this is really random, but you're a fan of my wife's photography on facebook (which is cool -- Jaimee C Photography) and you're from Maine which is really cool (so you will have to be friends when we move back to Maine) and you're a Christian (wicked sweet!) and you went to school with my cousin possibly (Laura Danae Ricker at Master's Commission)... Anyways, I thought that you would think it was cool to know that my wife Jaimee and I went to school with the girl in your first picture. She has second shot for my wife and is a great photographer herself.

    Okay, I'm done being creepy. Sorry. :-/