Wednesday, March 19

What's coming up!

Hey everyone,

Lots of changes coming up.

   I'm still in the process of creating my own website for Chic Origins. It's been a hectic end of the winter season and some things are on hold, but Anchour has been gracious enough to be patient with me. My goal is to get it up and running now by next Christmas! It seems like a ways away, but it will come fast enough! Heres my pinterest board of the vision we are working with! Chic Origins Vision

   I will be moving to Biddeford, Maine in a month! I'm off on my own for the first time. My apartment has beautiful hardwood floors and lots of light. It's the perfect setting to find inspiration for both my businesses! I like to think of it as a mini Portland. I'll make a blog post of my interior decorating for you all to see for sure!

   I've been finding lots of unique pieces lately and moving has forced me to limit my inventory size. I decided to do a BUY ONE GET ONE FOR 5 DOLLAR sale. There is no expiration date to the sale at the moment! Basically when you purchase any piece from Chic Origins you can then purchase another (free of shipping) for only $5.00. The other piece just has to be in the $5 section. It is the biggest sale I have held yet and there are 70 pieces in the $5 section! These being a few of them!

   I am always looking for second hand leather shoes/boots and handbags. If you have any in your wardrobe you've been looking at getting rid of maybe we can make a deal. :) My email is

                                                               Talk soon!

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