Thursday, April 24

Day in the Life

Hey everyone,
   I'm settled into Biddeford and I'm loving my little workplace. Unfortunately I haven't been able to visit any shops around town, but will be doing so this weekend! Heres the start to a new adventure.

 Ive collaborated some photos together to show what my average day is like with Chic Origins and KAngell Photography. It is pretty simple and sweet! Consistency makes my businesses run!

   I usually use my mornings to shop. I will make it to the thrift shops that are open at 8am and work my way up north stopping at some estate sales during the summer if I find them in the paper or on craigslist! 
    Depending on the day I may have a photo shoot in the afternoon. This shot was where I was prepping to take some Christmas photos for a plastic surgery office!
    When I get home in the afternoon I'll work on some social media, sometimes blogging, updating listings on the shop, responding to emails and editing photos.
    Organizing and and keeping track of inventory takes up a bit of my time. It took me three years to figure out an efficient way to catalog my inventory. I have it down to a science now!

    Luckily I live near a Post Office that is open pretty late so this is usually my last stop of the day. Shipping all the way to Singapore, China, and France for example can be time consuming with the customs forms.
   If I have time in the day I'll try and get a fun project done at home like creating a sweet bed for these succulents! My apartment is adorned with them. 
    And almost every night I end with a nice glass of Cabernet and some Netflix. If you don't take time to rest, your dream will become just a job to you. I never want to lose my desire to keep creating.

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